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Natalie Miller



Aromatherapy Consultations

One on one consultations to help support your health and wellbeing



Writing Services

Need someone to write you a blog, an article, or e-book on essential oils? I can help. 



Social Media Management

Managing your social media platforms can be tricky when you're balancing your own busy practice. I can help. 



Education Services

With so much misinformation around about essential oils, its hard to work out what's good information. Let me educate you and your team. 

Therapy Sessions
My Focus

My focus is education. The more we know, the better we can do.


My background is education and training, I believe continuous improvement and professional development are key components to move the aromatherapy industry forward. I am active within the aromatic community, and have held several positions on the IAAMA council.


I have appeared on radio, television, online webinars and events, and have been a speaker at IAAMA events. 

About me

I am passionate in helping people learn about the power of essential oils and aromatherapy. WIth so much misinformation abound, I am utilising my education skills to teach others how to use essential oils in a safe, and efficacious manner, with sustainability in mind   

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