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Calculating dilution rates

People are starting to understand that it is better to dilute your essential oils for a variety of reasons. But many are still confused when they read some of the dilution charts that are available.

So, here’s a quick oil hack to help you work out dilution.

In aromatherapy, a 2.5% dilution is a good and safe level for many applications. To work out how many drops of essential oils you need to add to your preferred carrier, first you need to know your amount of carrier.

Say you have 10mls of carrier, half the number (which in this case is 5) and add that in drops for a 2.5% dilution.

10mls equals a total of 5 drops for a 2.5% dilution.

20mls would be 10 drops in total.

5mls would be 2.5drops which you can’t do so go with the 2 drops.

Easy huh?

Now, truth be told, when we formulate products in aromatherapy, we actually weigh the oils for a true and proper measurement. But for the at-home user, this tip will keep you and your family safe.

Oh, and another thing, this way of measuring doesn’t account for dermal limits for the oils. But that is a whole other post.