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Always keep learning

As many of you know, my background is in education and training, in fact my undergraduate and post graduate qualifications are the in education field. One of my big philosophies centres around continued learning and development.

I believe this is vitally important for aromatherapy, and the natural therapies industry at large. New discoveries, updated science, new approaches are constantly being uncovered. Staying in touch with what's happening within the aromatherapy industry isn't always easy to navigate, but thankfully we have organisations such as Aromatherapy Today to guide us.

Not only has this journal been around for many, many years, it is now available online. When I first started in the industry I subscribed to this journal to keep my knowledge up to date, and stay connected to the wider industry. I loved that it was an independent journal, written by qualified professionals for the industry as a whole. But what aligned with me most of all was that it was Australian based and supported the Australian industry - this is something I've always tried to do as well.

I'm hearing from inside sources that the online journal is expanding too, so if you have any questions about the industry, the science, current rules and guidelines around COVID and the like, they will be including this information for us all.

It was through this journal that I heard about Aromatica Australia. I've attended all three Aromatica's to date - I saved all my money to afford myself the pleasure of extending my knowledge and skill base. Due to current world events, having a live event has not been possible, so the team have pivoted to turning an awesome in person event to an online awesome event. I decided to chat with the team behind the event, and ask them about what's different this year.

Oh my, they are so excited to bring to us not only great education sessions, but they have gained access to restricted areas like research labs and oil producing farms. Seriously, can NOT wait for this one. The best part is because this is now an online event everyone around the world can enjoy the learnings.

Book today. It will be an event unlike any other. They have payment plans available too if funds are an issue.

And before anyone asks, no, this is not a paid ad. This is just me supporting my fellow practitioners.

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