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Animals and Essential Oils

Can we use essential oils to help heal animals? Can we diffuse whilst they are around? What oils are toxic to them?

Whilst this area of study in aromatherapy is not my centre of expertise, I can point you in the right direction to find out more.

I was lucky enough to learn about Caroline Ingraham and her work at Aromatica Australia a couple of years ago, and found it highly educational and informative.

Her book, Help Your Dog Heal Itself, is amazing. She is an amazing human being, and her work with animals is heart warming and pure bliss to watch. Check out her video library for some beautiful case studies Her website also provides some great advice on how to use remedies with animals, as well as some safety advice

There are a number of comprehensive animal aromatherapy courses online that you can check out. Also, for those in Brisbane, there is a ‘Aromatherapy for Dogs’ workshop coming up soon via Perfect Potion…/aromatherapy-for-dogs-wo…

Salvatore Battaglia has a great blog on oils and cats…/

Tisserand Institute also have a great blog too

It is a huge field of study, and one we can look to for assistance with helping our animals friends.

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