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Are aromatherapists against essential oil ingestion?

A lot of people get their knickers in a twist over the ingestion of essential oils.

This is how I see it.

There is a common perception that qualified aromatherapists are against it, or they only want clients.

This is incorrect.

We are not against it.

We don’t say “under our guidance” just for clients.

We say these things as ingestion of these precious materials is Medicine, aka Aromatic Medicine. It is not a follow the recipe kind of thing. It generally requires careful and considered thought. And it isn’t always the best or preferred method to achieve your health and wellbeing goals.

Yes, essential oils are in literally hundreds, if not thousands of products. The food and flavouring industry are the biggest users of them.

But comparing these commercial products and the essential oils we use is not comparing apples with apples.

This is what I learned through my extensive training in the area. Flavouring is usually measured in the 0.1-0.2% range and uses deterpenated oils or alcohol washed extracts. For therapeutic use, we generally use in the 60-200mg/dose range, often in an acid resistant/enteric coated capsule to prevent reflux.

If you want to ingest, speak with someone who is trained in the area. Please don’t try to ‘do it yourself’.

Your health and wellbeing deserve the best, and speaking with a professional is part of that best practice approach.