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Aromatherapy Education

A common question I get asked revolves around education. Or more specifically, which is the best course to do to learn aromatherapy.

Many limit their thinking about education to courses and qualifications, generally undertaken in a formal setting. This is one of the many steps to the education process.

Education involves much more. Education is about bringing change, learning how to do also how to undo. A good, well rounded education takes time.

It’s more than reading the right books. Read the wrong ones too as they will educate you just as much as the right ones. And will teach you about your learning biases.

It’s more than completing the right courses, as there is no right course for every person.

It’s more than reading social media posts. Social media is strewn with ill informed opinions, and very little fact.

It’s more than learning from your teachers. Learn from your peers, your colleagues, your friends, and your enemies.

Keep on learning from multiple people, multiple sources and multiple books.

The best advice I can give is start where you are, and keep on learning. Learning to learn will be your greatest achievement.

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