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Aromatic Kinesiology Certification

Forever grateful to the wonderful Robbi Zeck and her amazing Aromatic Kinesiology work. I originally attended the first course with her about 7 years ago, and today I received my Aromatic Kinesiology Facilitator certification.

Completing the certification is completely optional, and it doesn't take that long to do. I procrastinated over it for too long, as I didn't want to give up my belief of being connected to the work.

This work has helped me grow and change as a person and as a practitioner. It has opened new pathways and possibilities and allowed me to tap into my inner strength, knowledge and wisdom.

I remember that first course like it was yesterday, and many of the discussions, learnings and breakthroughs have become part of who I am and what I do today.

After the first course, I wrote this:

"AK is such a life-changing, life-affirming program and it propelled me into a new realm of business success. It surprised me in so many beautiful ways, the course attended was filled with a new generation of women from all walks of life, aromatherapists, kinesiologists, massage therapists, yoga teachers, reflexologists, writers, women in transition, women looking for inspiration, women desiring sustainable change. This beautiful heartwork is for everyone... You'll laugh, cry. dance and sing, make amazing heartfelt bonds with your group and get to know yourself in a completely different way. If you are interested in learning a new way of looking at essential oils, a new way of helping your clients, a new way of approaching things in your own life, then this program is for you too."

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