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Can one drop really make a difference?

One drop.

Can it really make a difference?

We know the power of one drop, and how it can calm us, uplift us, or soothe us. So, if it has the power to heal, then it also has the power to harm.

The old adage ‘it’s the dose that makes the poison’ has never been more true, and is particularly relevant in the aromatic world.

Many will say one drop of essential oil in your water won’t hurt.

The statement, by itself, is true.

What is missing though, is that most people are not using one drop of essential oil in isolation. They are using them in a multitude of ways, both externally and internally, each and every day, some multiple times a day.

And this is where the dose comes into play. It’s about the total amount a person is using, not just that one drop in water.

And.... it may be that one more drop that pushes the persons tolerance over the edge and into a state of imbalance.

Just some food for thought.

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