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Updated: Nov 18, 2020

I love reading information from other people about health and well-being, but it can get frustrating. They sometimes make bold claims, and when you ask for more information they tell you to do your research.


This is a statement we constantly hear, and something we’ve probably said ourselves. But, in terms of aromatherapy and essential oils, if we say something, make a claim, we can’t just tell others to do their own research.

We need to demonstrate and prove what we say and share. We need to share the direct links to the research we are referencing.

However, we do need to be mindful of the research we share, and be mindful that what we are saying is proven by the research we are sharing. It is easy for us to share links to PubMed or other online research databases, but have we read the full document or just read the highlights.

Have we read the research in full?

Have we followed it through?

Have we looked at the conclusions?

Is the research in vitro or in vivo?

Are the researchers independent?

What methodology was used to prove their hypothesis?

For many of us, reading research papers is not something we are familiar with. They are often long, technical documents, with lots of confusing looking graphs and data.

This article has some good advice on how to read research papers

And remember, when it comes to essential oil research, it generally doesn’t take into account safety considerations. Nor does it take into account application methodology.

So before sharing research articles, make sure you add conditions that would make it safe for your clients and followers. And always give the links to the material so others can follow along.

Let us elevate the industry together.

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