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Essential Oils and Ego

Natty rant time.

Natty is tired of the BS, so she’s ready to rant, ranting in hope that it opens peoples eyes and hearts for the greater good.

Aromatherapy can be a pretty divisive industry at times. We see so much need to be right, need to espouse authority, and displays of ego. When we see things demonstrated time and time again, we lose clients, we lose support of the general public, and we lose ourselves.

Of late, we have seen certain people demonstrate ego and a need to be right, even when faced with additional research and additional resources. This need to be right is placing real people in harms way. As part of all our training, we learn about the premise of ‘do not harm’, so when we see potentially placing people in harms way, people need to come together, and help those who’ve been exposed to the harm.

Multiple times we see people cherry picking information to suit their own agenda.

Lets say I’m an advocate for ingestion, I’ll share only information about why it is good. Let’s say I’m against it, I’ll only share information to support you view. Neither of these two extremes are correct or right.

A true educator will share both sides of the argument, presenting the data, facts, links, and references, then allow you to form your own opinion on the information presented.

A good educator doesn’t demean or devalue the works of others - both in written and digital forms. They will support the work, and help further the work so more people learn.

A good educator will engage in open discussions with colleagues and professionals, and will take on board new and updated research and learnings. They will also continue to develop their knowledge, skills and abilities in all areas of the modality.

Cherry-picking information is a display of ego. They want you to believe them above others. Examples of this ego display is not limited to those who just sell essential oils. It is demonstrated time and again from those with aromatherapy qualifications.

It’s time to come together, as a community and a collective, and work towards unity, truth and partnership.

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