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Essential Oils are powerful plant medicine

I’ve received a few messages saying I’m negative when it comes to essential oils, or that I must not believe in them if I keep highlighting the dangers of oils.

Let me be clear.

I truly believe in the power of healing on all levels with essential oils. I’ve been able to support many people over the duration of my aromatherapy career; to help them heal physical and emotional wounds.

I do however, also know that anything that has the power to heal has the power to harm. I’ve seen many a story shared via fellow therapists and social media about adverse reactions. Why do I listen to people sharing their adverse reactions online? The same reason you listen to people sharing their positive experiences with oils online. I listen to, and read all sides of the story.

Adverse events happen far too often, generally as a result of people following unsafe advice from under educated people, from misinformation and disinformation.

Following a “recipe” you found online can be dangerous. This quote from Tisserand and Young sums it up perfectly.

“No two individuals will handle the same substance in the same way, and even the same individual will handle the same substance in different ways at different times, because of factors such as health status, nutritional status, age, integrity of skin, and metabolism.” (p.50).

Essential oils are a wonderful addition to your healing toolkit, but they must be respected and used with reverence. If you’ve got any questions, speak with an appropriately qualified professional.

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