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Intuitive Aromatherapy

Catching up with some aroma friends via Zoom has been a regular Tuesday thing during lockdown. It has helped me stay connected, grounded and focussed. Today, however, I felt like I wasn’t achieving all that I could. I felt out of sorts, a little stressed and off balance.

The chat with friends certainly helped, but I also called upon my aromatic toolkit to guide me. So I pulled out my Aromatherapy Insight Cards from Jennifer Jefferies, and boy, they didn’t disappoint.

The cards I pulled today were: Lime which helps ease stress, Geranium which helps rebalance, and Myrrh which provides inspiration.

Talk about hitting the nail on the head and giving me exactly what I needed.

Truth be told, I could have sat with my oils, and logically chosen the oils which I needed for support today. But sitting with these cards, and allowing intuition to pick what I need, it gave me faith and trust rather than just logic.

That’s the fun of using these cards.

Allowing intuition, allowing the universe to pick what you need. You pick cards that you wouldn’t necessarily pick using logic. As you’ve seen on my page in the past, I enjoy using the guidance of these cards for their emotional and esoteric meanings.

I’ve been using these cards for a while now, and have undergone some training with Jennifer in person. Now, she’s created an online program to teach people all about the cards. Jennifer and the artist, Karen Osborn have created an easy to follow program for us all. I've just finished the online course, and highly recommend it if you want to learn about using oils for emotional well-being.

Follow this link, sign up to the course, and grab yourself a deck of these cool cards

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