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Is there really an oil for that?

There’s an oil for that.

You’ve heard many say it, but is there really an oil for everything? And more importantly, do we really need to be using oils for everything.

Essential oils are very versatile, with many therapeutic properties. They can support our health and wellbeing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. But do we need to start thinking about them a little differently? Do we need to go back to basics, treat our oils with respect and reverence, and stop using them for every little thing that goes wrong, or right, in our lives. Recently, I fell over and bruised myself quite badly on my arm. A friend said oh there’s an oil for that. I replied, yes, there is, but do I really need to use it. Was my arm sore? Was I emotionally hurt by the fall? In short, no. I actually chose not to use ANY oil, at all. I know, surprise, right.I let my body heal on its own. Could an oil have helped in my situation? Sure. But I also felt that my body could do the work itself, without additional support. Many don’t think this way. They all too quickly reach for that bottle of aromatic goodness, and say oh there’s an oil for that. Perhaps it’s time we start to rethink that approach. Start by thinking, do I really need an oil for that.

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