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They say that the magic happens outside your comfort zone. Well, today I did some completely outside my comfort zone. I was nervous, scared, anxious. But I did it, and I survived. And it was magical.

What did I do? I spoke on community radio about aromatherapy. For an hour. The time flew by, and for all the initial discomfort, I am happy with how it turned out in the end.

Many friends, near and far tuned in, or listened via the web, and that support helped me through. So thank you my friends for your continued love, support and guidance.

And thanks to the wonderful Loretta fromBack on Track with Lorettafor inviting me to speak on her program.

You can listen to the podcast at http://www.yarravalleyfm.com/#!back-on-track/czuf. I haven't listened back to it yet, so be kind and enjoy.

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