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A Scented Life - Aromatherapy Reimagined

I’ve met some amazing people during my aromatherapy career, and made some wonderful friendships and connections. So I’m always super excited to share when one of those amazing connections does something pretty awesome.

In the mail today, my copy of A Scented Life by Pat Princi-Jones arrived.

Besides being a gorgeous and kind hearted lady, Pat has a way with words when it comes to essential oils. I’ve had a quick gloss over of the book, and it is jam packed. Written for the beginner and home user, this book covers a lots of ground, and has lots of recipes and ideas on how you can incorporate essential oils into your everyday life. Pat covers the emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing uses for your oils.

Congratulations Pat, the book is simply gorgeous. For those interested in purchasing, here are the links…/a-scented-life-…/9781743795958…/a-scented-life-aromatherapy-r……/a-scented-life-by-pat-princi-j… Note that this is not a paid post or affiliate link, just super proud of my gorgeous friend

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