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My Open Letter to the Essential Oil Community

Today, my heart breaks, yet again, for the aromatherapy community. Yet another day of disharmony, destructive discourse and downright poor behaviour from people.

It amazes me that people who purport to be healers and helpers are so full of ego, that they cannot see beyond it, and would rather argue than listen.

This is not a one off incident that triggered me today. But a series of events. It has been happening more and more frequently of late.

If the aromatherapy industry was a client, all the anti inflammatory and analgesic oils in the world wouldn't help.

In my eyes, whether you are a practising aromatherapist, a retailer, a seller, a researcher or a user of oils, we are all on the same side. The side of natural therapies. We are all wanting to heal others using natural therapies. Sadly though, egos are at play, and that isn't helping anyone.

If people are plagiarising the work of others, then it must be called out. If people are misrepresenting the work of others, then it too must be called out.

Calling a group of people out for creating walls doesn't help the cause. Perhaps it is a reflection of the walls you've built around yourself.

Telling people they can't write a book because they don't have the experience or to stay in their lane demeans the life they have lived.

Telling people that semantics over words don't matter devalues our education. We do need to be clear, concise and consistent on the language we as an industry use.

Telling people your wealth of experience tops research devalues many, and doesn't help us as an industry to move forward.

Calling people out though doesn't need to be done maliciously. It can be done with love. Have I been guilty of misdoings in my aromatherapy practices in the past, absolutely. But I do know that I have learned from them, and I hope to not do them again in the future. Have I called poor practices out in the past, yep, guilty of that too. But I have never been malicious towards an individual for their choices. I have been part of the problem, as are you. But I am part of the solution, as are YOU. We are all, at times, guilty of wrongdoings, but together we need to move forward, in a loving, kind and open way to make the industry better. I'm certain the people that could gain value from my letter and thoughts, won't see it. But I felt the needs to express how my heart breaks for the industry as a whole. Sadly, I am not alone in my thoughts. I know of many wonderful practitioners and healers leave the industry because of issues like this. True healers and lovers of all things essential oils. I believe that many more will leave if we don't address and fix what is broken. I keep hoping that I can figure out a way forward in which we can all coexist in harmony, and help heal the world. Idealistic of me, I know, but I know there has to be a better way. Love, grace and gratitude and forever the optimist,


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