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What does an Aromatherapist do?

Whilst many people have heard about the power of essential oils, not many have heard about professional aromatherapists and how they can be a powerful asset to our health and well-being.

Too many people think they can buy an oil to replace conventional medicine.

Too many people think ‘theres’s an oil for that’ for any condition they come across.

Too many people think that’s what an aromatherapist must do, and consequently think that they don’t need to see a professional aromatherapist and that they can do it for themselves.

Professional aromatherapists don’t think that way. We are taught to question, to get to the root cause of their clients ailments. We are taught how oils can interact with medications. We are taught safe and effective routes for usage. We literally undergo hundreds, if not thousands of hours of training.

And then we continue to develop our knowledge, skills and abilities by attending new training each year. We read books, journals and articles about oils to maintain our knowledge and develop new understandings.

We have real world experience as well as in depth theoretical knowledge.

We ask questions

Lots of questions.

So, before you reach for that bottle of essential oil and follow some advice of well meaning friends or a social media post, seek the support of a professional aromatherapist. It could save you money, time and be extremely beneficial for your healthcare needs.

Image credit Unsplash Nellia Kurme

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